Itty Bitty Steps

What is Itty Bitty Steps?

The ITTY BITTY STEPS program is designed to facilitate language development, social interaction, and play development. This program is designed for all young children to enhance their communication skills. It is a program designed to guide our children with communication challenges to feel more confident while learning the necessary skills to succeed in a natural environment. Our program includes parent training in various areas of development as well as hands on play with their child which gives our parents the inspiration to direct their children’s energy into interactive activities. Who is involved in ITTY BITTY STEPS? All children and parents benefit from this program. The ages of the children are 18 to 30 months functioning. Our ITTY BITTY STEPS staff includes trained teaching staff and a certified Speech and Language Pathologist who are involved on a daily basis. Our music therapist works with the children on a weekly basis. Our Board Certified Assistant Behaviors Analysts assist with any challenges presented.