How it works

It is the FIRST STEP™ philosophy that by reaching out to our children using an intensive, individually tailored therapeutic intervention approach, our ultimate goal of communication WILL BE ACHIEVED. We feel that a successful program must include: teaching the precursors for communication, teaching play skills, providing opportunities for interaction, teaching generalization, teaching independence, and providing ongoing education for the child’s support system.


We believe that the program should fit the child and NOT that the child is expected to fit the program!

Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. has realized documented gains in our childrens’ ability to function in their everyday lives and to communicate due to the combination of a holistic, incidental teaching model with an applied behavioral approach.

These changes have occurred with our children by incorporating:

  • Personalized ABA programs
  • Personalized verbal behavior programs
  • Inclusion of sensory integration techniques as prescribed by the child’s Occupational Therapist
  • Creating a cognitive challenge
  • Parental training in our Center and at their home
  • Promoting overall independence
  • Early intervention
  • Broad based curriculum
  • Inclusion with assistance
  • Generalization programming