Handwriting Without Tears

What is Handwriting Without Tears?

In our schools, emphasis is placed on reading and writing, yet when it comes to handwriting our focus is lost.  Countless students can’t write legibly.  What’s more, our children find the physical act of handwriting daunting.  They are confused about how to form letters.  They clutch their pencils until their hands hurt.  So much effort is placed on the mechanics of writing that our children get bogged down and find it impossible to compose sentences much less write paragraphs!

Handwriting Without Tears is a great way to teach pre-printing, printing, and cursive using a simple, developmentally based curriculum.  Mrs. Jan Z. Olsen is an Occupational Therapist and handwriting specialist who developed this program.  It is an inclusive method for teaching children of ALL ability levels.  Children love it!

Who is involved in Handwriting Without Tears?

This program is taught by our Handwriting Without Tears certified professionals and our Occupational Therapists.

How does Handwriting Without Tears work?

  • Individual and/or group sessions
  • Sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday

What are the goals of Handwriting Without Tears?

The goals for the Handwriting Without Tears program are designed to encompass foundation skills for successful learning.  A typical session is designed to create an optimal learning experience by incorporating the following areas:

  • Multi-sensory activities to find the optimal learning style of each child
  • Visual perceptual focus to encourage the child to learn and manipulate symbols
  • Basic cognitive/language is enhanced while working on following directives
  • Structured approach that promotes cognitive and language growth
  • Activities and songs that encourage children to move and use their muscles
  • Work on fine motor skills needed for handwriting

What are the requirements to begin?

A child referred for the Handwriting Without Tears program:

  • is Pre-K (4 years of age) through 8 years of age
  • meets with our HWWT specialist prior to the group
  • has established a handedness
  • can attend to the teacher