Itty Bitty Steps

Play / Language / Social Group

What is Itty Bitty Steps?

The Itty Bitty Steps program is designed to facilitate language development, social interaction, and play development.  This program is designed for very young children to enhance their play and communication skills.

Our program includes parent training in various areas of development as well as hands on play with their child.  This gives our parents the inspiration to direct their children’s energy into interactive activities.

  • Who is involved in Itty Bitty Steps?

All children and parents benefit from this program.  The ages of the children are 14 to 36 months functioning.

Our Itty Bitty Steps staff includes trained teaching staff and certified Speech and Language Pathologists and Assistants who are involved on a daily basis.  Our music therapist works with the children on a weekly basis.  Our certified Yoga instructor creates fun activities for the children.

How does it work?

During program time children enjoy music and language groups, have snack with their peers, engage in art projects, as well as develop play and interactive skills under the guidance of trained professionals.  Other activities include song time, story time, art time, social language/play and music time.

Parents are invited monthly to meet and discuss various topics regarding development with professionals on our staff.

What are the goals of Itty Bitty Steps?

Our goals for this program include improving play, social interactions, expanding language and communication, improving speech, and giving the children the opportunity of becoming comfortable with other children.  The Itty Bitty Steps Program is based around a thematic unit to provide the children the ability to learn through meaningful activities.

A typical day at Itty Bitty Steps targets the following goals:

  • Sensory Integration experiences
  • Learning cooperative play
  • Learning to initiate play with peers
  • Learning through incidental teaching
  • Participating in activities and songs that encourage social interaction, turn taking in play, and movement
  • Learning to participate in group activities
  • Learning language and play skills involving typical peers

What are the requirements to begin?

All children are welcome to join our Itty Bitty Steps!  A child referred for the Itty Bitty Steps program:

  • Experiences challenges with communication and would benefit from professional guided interaction and/or
  • Experiences challenges with social interactions and/or
  • Experiences challenges with social communication and/or
  • Neurotypical children who would benefit from a small interactive setting and/or
  • Has been determined by our professional staff to benefit from this program