Keyboarding Without Tears®

What is Keyboarding Without Tears?

Keyboarding Without Tears® is an award-winning, web-based curriculum that teaches the keyboarding and pre-keyboarding skills students need to succeed in today’s classroom.

We also teach more than just typing. We help you prepare students for the digital world with general computer readiness and digital citizenship skills, too!

  • Developmentally appropriate by grade
  • Game-based lessons and activities
  • Continuous, meaningful review
  • Cross-curricular connections

The Keyboarding Without Tears curriculum features pre keyboarding & keyboarding, digital citizenship, and general computer readiness.

Who is involved in Keyboarding without tears?

A certified Keyboarding Without Tears teacher designs the program for individual and/or group sessions.

Children from five years of age through high school would benefit from keyboarding lessons.

How does it work?

A certified Keyboarding instructor will initially assess the child. The teacher will determine the child’s level of performance. A lesson plan will be designed and goals set to meet the needs of the child.

What are the goals?

Keyboarding Without Tears:

  • Builds touch typing fluency and speed
  • Includes general computer readiness and digital citizenship skills, too!
  • Web-based, compatible with PC/Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, and tablets
  • Configures to various roster management and SSO solutions

What are the requirements?

A child referred for Keyboarding Without Tears program needs to have in-hand manipulation and finger isolation skills.