Little Steps / Big Rewards

What is Little Steps Big Rewards?

The Little Steps Big Rewards program is designed to facilitate social interaction, play development, emergent literacy, language development, and phonemic awareness.  It is a program designed to guide our children with communication challenges to feel more confident while learning the necessary skills to succeed in a natural environment.

Who is involved in Little Steps Big Rewards

Children who are experiencing challenges with communication and social interaction as well as typical peers benefit from this program.  The chronological ages of the children are 36 to 54 months.

Our Little Steps Big Rewards staff includes trained teaching staff and certified Speech and Language Pathologists who are involved on a daily basis.  Our music therapist, yoga instructor, and Behavior Analyst are involved in the planning of the program and in working with the children as well.

How does it work?

The program meets Monday through Friday and is a half day program.  During program time, children will have lunch or snack with their peers.

A major goal for our program is to improve and increase social interactions.  The activities that are the vehicles to achieve these goals of learning people skills and communication include: song time, story time, art time, physical movement, sensory, and music time.  Thematic units provide the children with the ability to learn through meaningful activities.

What are the goals of Little Steps Big Rewards?

The goals of the program are designed to provide our children with language development activities that will encourage social interaction, appropriate play, and the people skills to become successful in a typical school setting.  Your child is guided through these activities by our professional staff.

A typical day at Little Steps Big Rewards targets the following goals:

  • Teaching people skills so the child can make friends and have conversations
  • Learning cooperative play
  • Learning to initiate play with peers
  • Learning through incidental teaching
  • Handwriting Without Tears® to focus on fine motor for writing
  • Participating in activities and songs that encourage social interaction, turn taking in play, and movement
  • Learning to participate in large group activities
  • Learning language and play skills involving typical peers
  • Experiencing sensory integration
  • Learning social thinking

What are the requirements to begin?

A child referred for the Little Steps Big Rewards program:

  • is functioning at the age range for that session.
  • is interested in expanding their social skills and language.
  • has challenges functioning in a larger school setting.
  • has challenges with social interactions and/or social communication.
  • has been determined by our Professional Staff to benefit from this program.