P.L.A.Y. Project

What is P.L.A.Y. Project? 

The P.L.A.Y. Project (acronym for Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) is a community-based, national autism training and early intervention program. Based on the DIR (Developmental, Individualized, Relationship-based) theory of Stanley Greenspan MD, the program is designed to train parents and professionals to implement intensive, developmental interventions for young children (18 months to 6 years) with autism.

The PLAY Project has been found to be an excellent program for neurotypical young children whose parents are desiring guidance in helping to promote their child’s speech and langue and play!

Who is involved in PLAY Project? 

The parent or parents, their child and our PLAY Project Consultant meet and work together. If there are other significant others in the child’s life, arrangements can be made so that they can join in on the fun!

Our certified PLAY Project Consultant is a specialist in the fields of child development.  Our consultant is well versed in autism spectrum disorders and is trained to educate, guide, and support you as you learn to nurture your child’s social and emotional development however, we consider you, as parents and caregivers, to be the expert on your child.

How does it work?

Your certified PLAY Project Consultant will provide PLAY Intervention. If your child is on the Spectrum it is exciting to know that this program is an evidence-based, high-quality program that helps young children improve their language, development, behavior, social skills, and autism severity.

Your PLAY Project Consultant assesses your child’s developmental, comfort zones and behavioral changes at each visit. The assessment is used to develop the child’s individualized PLAY Plan: a set of techniques and activities designed to help your child reach these outcomes:

  • Increased caregiver/parent and child interaction
  • Increased social interaction of child
  • Increased communication
  • Improved social-emotional development of child
  • Improved behavioral compliance

What are the goals of PLAY Project?

You and our Certified PLAY Project Consultant become partners in your child’s progress. You receive individualized coaching that empowers you to have a closer, more satisfying relationship with your child. You will learn:

    • How to identify your child’s unique strengths and needs
    • How to make every interaction with your child a growing and learning experience
    • How to apply the evidence-based PLAY Project principles, methods, and techniques
    • What “developmentally appropriate” means for your child
    • How to effectively respond to your child’s behavior
    • Ways to support your child’s learning and prepare for school settings
    • How to increase the amount of smiles and laughter in the home

The PLAY Project emphasizes fun!

What are the requirements to begin? 

We start with a communication assessment.  This can be arranged by calling our Center.  Your child and you will meet with our PLAY Project Consultant for this assessment and arrangements will be made to being and “have fun”!