Pragmatic Language Group

Using Language to Build Social Skills

What is the Pragmatic Language Group? 

In today’s world an increasing number of children lack the basic social skills to interact positively with others, to solve problems, to follow directions, and to participate in academic and social settings.  It is difficult for these children to get along with others in the appropriate manner and to do what is expected in the classroom and in other social situations.

Our Pragmatic Language Groups are designed to set the tone for children to learn and to facilitate social communication skills.  Our social skills groups will address these areas of concern.  We will target what is appropriate and practice using these new skills in interactive, typical situations.

Who is Involved in the Pragmatic Language Group?

Our Pragmatic Language Groups are designed and run by our Speech-Language Pathologists.  A trained assistant supports the Speech-Language Pathologist during each session.

The children that are members of our Pragmatic Language Groups have been referred by their Speech-Language Pathologist.  These children are challenged daily  by the social demands of their environments and the challenges they experience with social competence.

How does the Pragmatic Language Group work?

Our programs are created throughout the year to meet the needs of the children with whom we work.  The groups generally meet weekly for eight sessions.  Each session is scheduled for with a minimum of four children.  This sets the mood for interaction to occur.  The last piece of each group parents are scheduled to learn about what we have taught and how to review this at home.

What are the goals of the Pragmatic Language Group?

The goals of the Pragmatic Language Group are designed to assist our children in using language for different purposes; learning to use language appropriate to the situation; and learning the rules for listening, conversation and interaction.  A typical session fosters the following goals.

  • Friendship Making Skills which encourage positive peer interaction
  • Dealing with feelings which are designed to foster awareness of feeling of self and others
  • Conversation Skills which teach the children how to initiate, maintain and terminate a conversation
  • Alternatives to Aggression skills will provide the child with prosocial choices in dealing with conflict
  • Dealing with Stress skills address stressful situations that children frequently encounter

Do all children receive individual therapy sessions by the Professional Staff?

Our Professional Staff is involved in overseeing all the children.  They are involved in creating the goals and changing the goals as needed.

If it is felt that a child’s individual needs are beyond the scope of the program that we offer, individual therapy sessions are scheduled as recommended by our therapists.

What are the requirements to begin? 

A child referred for the Pragmatic Language Group program is:

  • four to seven years of age (depending on the groups being scheduled)
  • referred to our group by the child’s Speech-Language Pathologist
  • determined by our professional staff to benefit from an interactive group session in conjunction with their individual therapy sessions