Steps for Success

Intensive Therapeutic Program – Homeschooling Away from Home

What is Steps for Success?

The Steps for Success program is a therapeutic home schooling intervention program that is tailored to each child’s    specific needs.  Each child’s program is designed to include peer interaction with an emphasis   placed on one to one academics, speech and language therapy, behavior, and occupational therapy.  It is a program designed to guide our children with   challenges that interfere with their ability to learn in a larger class by maximizing learning time.  This program is tailored to assist each child in feeling more confident while learning the necessary skills to succeed in a natural environment.

Who is involved in Steps for Success?

Children who are experiencing challenges learning in a classroom either due to challenges with behavior, academics, and/or communication are excellent candidates.  Our children are seven years of age and older.

Our Steps for Success staff includes certified teachers and trained teaching staff who design the curriculum for each individual child and are trained to work with children with challenges and special needs.  Speech–Language Pathologists and our Behavior Analysts are integral parts of the children’s programs.  Our Certified Yoga Instructor, Handwriting Without Tears Specialists, Interactive Metronome Specialists and Physical Education instructor are a part of each child’s program.

How does it work?

The program meets Monday through Friday for a full day program.  The full day consists of one-on-one instruction in each subject area (Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies), and group instruction for activities including physical education, lunch, yoga, gymnastics, and music.

Additionally, we focus on activities for independent living such as grooming, preparing meals, and shopping.  Our students learn to manage themselves in the real outside world.  They also learn skills that will help them with  job related expectations.

What are the goals of Steps for Success?

The goals of the program are designed to provide each child with the academic support he/she needs through one-to-one instruction and through activities that will encourage social interaction, appropriate play, and the development of people skills to become successful in a school setting.  Additionally,  our goal is to work with parents and the child to incorporate what how to work with and interact with their child in all environments.

Each child is guided through these activities by our professional staff.   A typical day at Steps for Success targets the following goals:

  • Academic improvement in each subject area
  • Applying learned strategies independently
  • Teaching social skills so the children can make friends and have conversations
  • Speech/Language therapy one to one and group language therapy
  • Learning in a group setting
  • Learning through incidental teaching
  • Handwriting Without Tears® to focus on fine motor skills for writing and/or Keyboarding Without Tears
  • Learning to participate in group activities by participating in activities that encourage social interaction, turn taking  and movement
  • Learn showering skills; food preparation and dressing
  • Experiencing sensory integration
  • Yoga/Music/Physical Education

What are the requirements to begin?

A child referred for the Steps for Success program

  • is functioning at the age range indicated
  • is interested in expanding their social skills and language
  • has challenges functioning in a larger school setting
  • has challenges with social interactions and/or social communication
  • has been determined by our Professional Staff to benefit from this program