The Listening Program® (TLP)

What is The Listening Program®?

The Listening Program® is a Music-Based Auditory Stimulation method that is used to train the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn, and communicate.  It consists of an extensive series of high-quality audio CDs that integrate specially produced acoustic music, primarily classical, with innovative sound processing techniques.

Listening Program benefits people of all ages starting as young as age two.  It is the only Auditory Stimulation method that has a patent pending process of music production and sound engineering.

Advanced Brain Technologies, LLC (ABT) developed The Listening Program, building upon key concepts originated by the late Alfred Tomatis, M.D., a pioneer in the field of auditory intervention.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from improved listening function.  The Listening Program is used by people of all ages, starting as young as age two.   Empirical evidence has demonstrated benefits for:

  • The typically developing child
  • Individuals experiencing listening, sensory, learning, language, reading, attention, memory, social, communication, and auditory processing difficulties
  • Those interested in improved communication and speaking skills, musical ability, learning potential, and creativity

How does it work?

A minimum of 40-60 hours is recommended for initial gains to be achieved with continued listening as goals for listening change, or as needed.

  • Standard Listening Schedules and Variations of 20-hour cycles encompass daily (5 days per week, 2 days off) listening of 15-30 minutes over the course of 8-16 weeks.
  • Preparatory Listening of 2-10 minutes daily is done with sensitive listeners prior to beginning a Standard Schedule.


Programs are individualized using the A, B, C design and CDs of varying levels of intensity and purpose as needed.  Programs are self-administered under the monitoring and consultation of a trained Authorized Provider of The Listening Program®.

The Listening Program®
has a unique patent design.  The modular design of each sixty-minute TLP CD includes 4 fifteen-minute segments.  There are 3 five-minute tracks per segment.  The first track of a segment is “A”, the second is “B”, and the third is “C”.

The A track supports listeners as they gradually adjust to the experience of filtered sound and prepares them to be receptive to the B track, which presents the greatest intensity of filtered sound with audio bursting. The C track helps organize the experience and return listeners to their natural listening environment.


Classical, classically inspired, improvised, folk, and children’s music produced by ABT Music and performed by the award-winning members of The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, combined with high quality nature sounds are interwoven into many of the soundscapes.
All music and nature sounds produced for The Listening Program® are digitally spectrally analyzed to confirm frequency spectrum.

The Listening Program® goals:

  • Improved communication and speaking skills
  • Improved learning potential
  • Improved creativity and well being
  • Improved listening function

Requirements to begin:

  • Two years old and older
  • Headphone and tolerance
  • Certified or Authorized Provider