What is Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior?

Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior is designed as an intensive one-to-one goal implementation program.  Each ABA/VB program is designed to meet the individual needs of the child.  The child learns how to focus and pay attention, develop self-help skills, and experience the joy of communicating with others.  The child learns the key early language skills such as joint attention, imitation, and turn taking.  The child receiving ABA/VB will work with a trained TECHnician who will implement the program designed for the child by our professional staff.

Who is involved in the Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior Program?

The child, an assigned TECHnician, the child’s lead Speech-Language Pathologist and/or Behavior Staff, the First Step™ director, and the Program Coordinator are involved in ABA/VB program.

  • A child is eligible for ABA/VB if they currently are enrolled in the First Step™ program.
  • A child is eligible for ABA/VB if they are on a waiting list for the upcoming First Step™.
  • A child is eligible for ABA/VB if their therapist feels that intensive one-to-one work with the child will benefit the child in achieving the goals designed. The child must be scheduled weekly with one of our staff’s Speech-Language Pathologists or Behavior Staff in order to continue effective monitoring of the child’s needs.

How does it work?

Intensive one-to-one focus as is designed for our children comes from the field of study called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  It has been proven through extensive research over the past half-century to be the most effective intervention we have for treating children needing intensive changes.  Objective data and results are obtained and used to determine the goals for the child.  This is known as Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior.

What are the goals?

  • Focus on overall awareness and attention
  • Build the skills needed for communication and learning
  • Work on independence

Requirements to begin:

  • 14 months and older
  • Evaluation performed by one of our Speech-Language Pathologists or Behavior Analysts