What is Earobics?

Earobics is a software program that systematically teaches the listening skills required for reading and academic success.  Research has shown that phonological awareness is the best predictor of success in reading.  Research has also shown that this ability to identify and manipulate the sounds of language can actually be developed through systematic instructions.

Who is involved in Earobics?

Children struggling with reading, demonstrating auditory processing challenges, or presenting with delayed speech and language are candidates for this program.  There are two Earobics steps:  Step 1 is for developmental ages four to seven years; and Step 2 is for developmental ages seven to ten years.

How does it work? 

Earobics features sophisticated adaptive technology, which automatically adjusts instruction to the child’s skill level and progress.  Using systematic instruction and repetition, new neural pathways are developed to improve the ability to identify and manipulate sound of language.

Earobics goals:

    • Figure ground perception
    • Discrimination
    • Sound blending and sequencing
    • Recognize rhyming sound patterns
    • Improve comprehension of words
    • Follow spoken instruction

Requirements to begin:

    • Developmental age of four years
    • Ability to understand basic directions
    • Tolerate wearing headphones
    • Understand how to use the mouse on a computer

For Children

– Computer based, language-learning program
– Teaches phonics and auditory processing
– Experience shows most children show dramatic skill improvement with a 3x/week regimen