Fast ForWORD®

What is Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is a computer based training program which rapidly develops the oral language skills necessary for reading.

Who is involved in Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord helps students who are having difficulty learning to read or lack basic pre-reading and language skills.  The exercises used benefit the child who:

  • is reading below grade level
  • has difficulty associating letters with sounds
  • has difficulty communicating and following directions
  • exhibits little interest in reading
  • uses simple, short sentences
  • has difficulty following conversations

There are three main program series designed to target the student’s   needs.  Each main program series includes 2-6 program products:

  • The Fast ForWord Language Series products build foundational elementary school reading and language skills to help students learn successfully in the general classroom.  The Language Series Products include:  Language Basics, Language V2 and Language to Reading V2.  This series develops listening accuracy, phonological awareness, and language structures and moves elementary students who are reading below grade level toward grade level reading skills.  It emphasizes the link between spoken and written language to guide young students to become proficient grade level readers.
  • The Fast ForWord Literacy Series Products helps struggling readers in middle school, high school as well as young adults.  This series includes Literacy and Literacy and Literacy Advanced.  It focuses on listening accuracy and improving phonological awareness, language structures, and processing efficiency.
  • The Fast ForWord Reading Series Products increase processing efficiency and build critical reading skills. It is designed to help students quickly improve reading comprehension skills. The Reading Series Products include:  Reading Readiness and Reading Levels 1 through 5.  This series targets reading knowledge and fluency, phonology and spelling, punctuation, morphological properties and complexity, syntactic complexity, word origins, vocabulary and comprehension.

How does it work?

Fast ForWord is based on 25 years of brain research.  The patented technology adapts to each child’s progress and continually cross-trains critical skills to improve thinking, listening and reading.

Fast ForWord goals depending on the program level include:

  • Developing basic learning skills such as working memory, color, shape, and size identification
  • Letter-name and letter-sound association
  • Phonological awareness
  • Working memory
  • Listening accuracy
  • Language structures
  • Organization and focus
  • Listening comprehension
  • Passage comprehension
  • Word analysis

What are the requirements to begin?

A child recommended for Fast ForWord will be scheduled for a preliminary assessment.  This assessment is performed prior to determining if the child is a candidate for Fast ForWord and six months after the end of the program.

Test results are reviewed by our Fast ForWord expert.  Appropriate recommendations will be determined and discussed with the parents.

For Children & Adults

– Developed by the Scientific Learning Corporation

– Includes a set of 5 mini-programs that utilize specific language-learning therapies

– Certified therapists evaluate and make recommendations based upon preliminary results