Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy is a regimen designed to correct orofacial muscle imbalance and abnormal swallowing patterns. Dental practitioners have long been concerned about the effect of the dental form on orofacial muscle function and the function of the orofacial muscles on dental form. This concern has extended into every facet of dentistry and speech pathology because of the interrelationship between the orofacial muscle imbalance with successful orthodontic treatment and successful speech sound correction.

Abnormal swallowing patterns and orofacial muscle imbalance are contributing factors to many kinds of malocclusion. The importance of occlusion to good dental health and the important role of facial musculature are well understood in the dental and speech professions. The orofacial complex is functionally designed, delicately balanced, and an amazingly complex machine. It is subjected to the constant pressures of mastication and swallowing. The teeth must be balanced in their functional environment to sustain these pressures.

Orofacial muscle imbalance and abnormal swallowing patterns may contribute to certain types of speech difficulties. Myofunctional therapy is provided by myofunctional therapists trained by Daniel Garliner, the designer of this type of therapy, to correct this problem.

The purpose of myofunctional therapy is to remove the undesirable pressure exerted by the orofacial musculature against the dentition, which results in malocclusion and concomitant speech disorders. Myofunctional therapy, when properly utilized, can be a most effective tool in the correction of orofacial muscle imbalance and subsequently, the correction of certain types of speech disorders.

For Children

– Treats imbalances in orofacial muscles and abnormal swallowing patterns

– Resolves pressure exerted by muscles against dentition, which result in speech disorders and dental problems