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Next Step

Our NEXT STEP program is designed to allow learning by doing which comes naturally to most children. The NEXT STEP offers a prepared environment and individualized instruction for children. They are given the freedom to explore and learn through interaction with their peers and a variety of educational materials.

The program strives to meet the social, emotional and physical needs of the child as an individual. The NEXT STEP offers several innovative features which include on -site research, parent observation, consultation with educational specialists and individualized programs to meet the child’s specific needs.


Language development, movement, music, art, social studies, science, cooking, drama, story telling and dramatic play are incorporated in each learning lesson. Field trips are planned in order to expand the children’s awareness of the world around them and to practice generalization of the skills they learn in to the typical world.

Speech-Language Pathologists, Speech-Language Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Special Educators and trained assistants will guide your child.

For Children

– Individualized speech and language therapy
– Individualized academic instruction
– Computer time for each child
– Small groups ensure close contact with our certified staff