Our Programs

  • for Children

    The programs offered at our Center that are designed for children are meant to serve babies to adolescents. Our staff works with you to develop a customized course of therapy individually tailored to meet your child’s needs. Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. also provides school screenings for children in private schools specifically designed to detect potential problems that interfere with academic performance.

  • for Parents

    Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc. offers a complete listing of programs geared towards helping parents of children with communication disorders effectively deal with their child’s communication needs. Many of these programs work in tandem with your child’s therapy.

  • for Professionals

    Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc.’s programs for Professionals seek to provide training on numerous topics related to your field of interest.

“The motivation and encouragement that the children receive at KSLC is extraordinary. We cannot say enough about the First Step Program.”
– Carmen and Tony Almeida

“They get to the core of the problem and start building from there. My son has made leaps and bounds since he started the First Step Program.”
– Lourdes Aldereguia