Positive Parenting Workshops

Our Positive Parenting Workshops are offered throughout the calendar year. These workshops are set up as interactive, training sessions for parents to learn new techniques to use while teaching and interacting with their child.

These sessions are presented by professionals within and outside our community as well as by our talented professional staff members. The topics vary throughout the year.

Future planned lectures and training sessions include:

  • Managing behavior
  • Nutrition and your child
  • What is all this about Gluten Free and Casein Free diets?
  • Help your child make friends
  • Independent dressing
  • Independent toileting
  • Independent tooth brushing
  • STEPS for Parents
  • Sensory Integration and your Child
  • Bilingual Households: Which Language Do We Choose?

For Parents and Families

– Interactive, participatory training sessions
– Presented by professionals from a variety of disciplines