Programs for Parents

Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc.’s Programs for Parents are meant to bring the whole family together in an all-encompassing therapy goal.

Our 35+  years of experience shows that children’s progress can be greatly improved when augmented with home based therapy and instruction given by those they love most.

HANEN ® - More Than Words:

The Hanen Program ® for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Positive Parenting Workshops :

Offered throughout the calendar year, these workshops are set up as interactive, training sessions for parents to learn new techniques to use while teaching and interacting with their child.

HANEN ® - It Takes Two to Talk:

The Hanen Program ® for Parents of Children with language delays

Family Facilitation:

Our Family Facilitation program is designed for significant others to develop a better understanding of the child with autism spectrum disorder and to learn how to best facilitate interaction and communication.

HANEN ® - You Make The Difference:

A prevention program that fosters parent-child communication


The PLAY PROJECT (acronym for Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) is a community-based, national autism training and early intervention program.