Specialty Programs for Children

Below find descriptions and links to Kendall Speech and Language Center, Inc.’s Specialty Programs for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and/or other developmental challenges.

The First Step™ Program:

FIRST STEP is an intensive intervention program for children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. The program created is tailored individually based on the child’s needs. The program is designed to be intensive, with intervention scheduled approximately fourteen hours per week. (Additional intervention time is available for First Step participants upon request.) Family support and training are also included in our program.

PECS / Alternative Communication:

PICTURE EXCHANGE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (PECS) is a unique augmentative/alternative communication system that allows children with autism and other communication deficits to initiate communication with others. It helps individuals quickly acquire a functional means of communication withn a social context.


ABA/VB stands for Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior. ABA/VB is designed as an intensive one-to-one goal implementation program. Each ABA/VB program is designed to meet the individual needs of the child. He/She learns how to focus and pay attention, develop self-help skills, and experience the joy of communicating with others. The child learns key early language skills such as joint attention, imitation, and turn-taking. The child receiving ABA/VB will work with a trained TECHnician who will implement the program specifically designed for the child.