Speech & Language Assessment

Speech & Language Assessment / Therapy is implemented for several reasons:

Our first reason would be to change or eliminate the underlying problem. The results of this intervention would result in child who is able to learn in the same way as his typical peers and there is no need for further intervention. This is possible with children who present with difficulties such as delayed articulation development.

Our second reason for intervening is to change the disorder. In other words, our Speech and Language specialists work with your child to teach him the discrete aspects of language or speech. Although this certainly helps the child to become a better communicator it does not mean that the child will not need additional assistance at a later time. This is particularly the focus of intervention with children who present with difficulties such as language disorders.

Our third reason for providing speech and language therapy is to assist the child in learning compensatory strategies rather than specific language behaviors. This is particularly important when intervening with children who present with auditory processing difficulties or word retrieval disorders.

The decision of the type of intervention that will be provided with your child is dependent on the nature of the disorder, the age of the child, and the child’s environment.

For Children

– Ascertain underlying communication problems
– Provides active therapy to remedy discovered problems / disorders
– Teach compensatory strategies versus language behaviors