The STEP UP is designed for those children who are preparing for successful inclusion in to the kindergarten world. It is difficult for children to learn what is expected of them in the classroom especially if they are children who have been diagnosed with a language delay and/or a developmental disorder.

The STEP UP program is designed as a small classroom setting. It is designed to look like the kindergarten class and present curriculum as is experienced in the kindergarten class.

A certified teacher who is trained to work with children with special needs is the leader of the group. The lead teacher is assisted by a second teacher trained to work with special needs children. The enrollment of the STEP UP class is limited to five children.

The children begin their day with a fine motor session designed by our Occupational Therapist. This session helps prepare them for learning. The class goals include learning how to sit at a desk and/or table and take direction from the teacher. The class works on reading, math, phonics, science and computer.

Speech therapy and/or specialized computer programs are scheduled for the children on an as needed basis.

For Children

– Designed for children entering kindergarten
– Small classroom setting mirrors real-world education environments
– Limited to just 5 children per class
– Speech therapy, occupational therapy and specialized computer programs scheduled on an as needed basis