You Make the Difference

You Make the Difference – A Prevention Program that Fosters Parent-Child Communication

Research demonstrates that language skills are learned very early in life. Indeed, by the time a child reaches the age of 5 years of age, the bulk of his or her language development is already complete. During the same time, speech fluency is also developing.

The You Make the Difference is a general education / parenting program geared toward prevention, and is suitable for parents of both typically developing children and children at risk. It is not designed for parents of children who have identified language delays or special needs. It is not intended to be an early language intervention program or to replace other intervention programs.

This information is disseminated through a combination of interesting groups sessions and individual video tapings which allow the parents to more clearly visualize how they interact with their children.

For Parents

– Fosters Parent-Child communication
– Geared towards prevention
– For parents of developing and at-risk children
– Video documentation allows parents visual reference of interaction.